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Vendor Risk Management

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Shieldrisk - Third-party Vendor Risk Management
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Conventional Vendor Assessment

Vendor Assessment with SpreadSheet Questioner

ShieldRisk TRPM Excel Approach

Data set of spreadsheets with the Standard Information Assessment Framework

Vendor Services and Data Privacy Framework differs based on types of Personal and Confidential Data

Manual process of Risk Analysis of Vendor Security Framework and Effectiveness of Controls

The Procurement, Quality, and Audit team will have a tedious process of Assessment of the Vendor

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management and Due Diligence

ShieldRisk-Legal and Regulatory Risk
Legal & Regulatory Risk
The Legal Risk concerning the Non-Compliance with Legal, Regulatory & Statutory Regulations by Organization.
ShieldRisk- Opeational Risk

Operational Risks

Disrupted Business operations resulting from business processes, people, and systems.

ShieldRisk- System and Data Breaches

System & Data Breaches

Systems Data breaches lead to the loss of Business-critical Information due to a deficiency of technical controls.

ShieldRisk - Ruputational Damage

Reputational Damage

Reputational risk is difficult to measure quantitatively has a significant impact on the Brand & the Customers

ShieldRisk-Financial Risk

Financial Risk

The inability of third-party vendors to provide the expected Products and Services leads to Financial Risk.     

ShieldRisk-Data Privacy Risk

Data Privacy Risk

Insecure Data transfer, Collection, and Retention of redundant data involving sharing of data with third parties

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Shieldrisk - Vendor Risk 360 Degree View
Shieldrisk - Vendor Risk 360 Degree View

Vendor Risk Assessment and Audit

Key Risk Indicators And Audit Report

ShieldRisk’s Third-party Vendor Risk Management provides the Organizations a profound insight into the Vendor’s capabilities with Risk Quantification, robust citations, and appropriate information on Risk posture.



Radical technology in third-party vendor risk management involves in-depth analysis, emphasizing operational and technical controls, and emphasizing people, processes, and technology.



Cutting-edge Technology augments Vendors’ Information Security and Cyber-Resilience and encompasses all aspects of data protection and Operational Risk Management.

ShieldRisk-TRPM KRI Dashboard

Global Security Framework

Security Framework for Vendor Compliance

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